Guaranteed Income: A Community's Vision for Freedom

The Long Beach Pledge is an initiative of the City of Long Beach that will provide up to 250 single headed families with children in the 90813 zip code with $500 a month for one year. It will serve the most vulnerable residents focusing on an area of the city most impacted by COVID-19 and supporting families in the community that rely on a single income earner. 

This program is made possible by the Long Beach Recovery Act, a plan to fund economic and public health initiatives for Long Beach residents, workers and businesses critically impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. A total of $51 million has been allocated to support Economic Recovery which includes $2 million for a Guaranteed Income program and its evaluation.



The Long Beach Pledge will increase the monthly income of the City’s most vulnerable residents focusing on an area of the city most impacted by COVID-19 and supporting families in the community that rely on a single income earner.

Single headed families 

Families with children that rely on a single income earner


Households at or below 100 percent of the federal poverty level

90813 Zip Code

The zip code with the highest rates of poverty impacted by COVID-19


The program will be rigorously evaluated by an independent research team.

Deliver direct cash via a payments platform that enables four payment methods and access to live customer support

Examine the impact of direct, recurring cash to  single income families and contribute to the national conversation on guaranteed income for all

Engage with the community and uplift their voices and stories



Long Beach Recovery Act - Program Manager

Courtney joined the Economic Development Department’s Business Development Bureau in 2022 as the LBRA Program Manager where she is managing LB Recovery Act programs to support Long Beach small businesses and their economic recovery as well as the Guaranteed Income Pilot Program. Previously, she worked with the Office of Sustainability for 5 years as the Communications Specialist and launched the City’s Green Business Program under the California Green Business Network. She has an M.S. in Environmental Studies from Cal State Fullerton and an M.A. in International Development from the Graduate Institute of Geneva Switzerland.


City of Long Beach, Community Program Specialist

Katie will provide program support focusing on program evaluation. She has a Master’s in Public Health from the Colorado School of Public Health and 6 years of experience working in community program development and management with an equity lens. She specializes in building mutually beneficial partnerships between nonprofits, universities, municipalities, and community leaders to develop projects and programs that directly benefit marginalized communities.


Long Beach Pledge Co-Director

Nick is the Chief Operating Officer at F4GI, responsible for strategy, operations, and product development. Nick has experience scaling social impact organizations, with a focus on how innovative technology can support economic and racial justice. Previously, Nick built technology systems in East Africa as Product Manager at Educate!, an award-winning social enterprise building the future of education in Africa. Nick’s work centers on innovative solutions to inequity and he has worked with Family Independence Initiative, Kiva, and Health in Harmony. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Stanford University.

Nika Soon-Shiong


Long Beach Pledge Co-Director

Executive Director of the Fund for Guaranteed Income, Nika Soon-Shiong has led international and local initiatives to support cash transfers. She is a Board Member of One Fair Wage and the Compton Community Development Corporation. After establishing the World Bank Group’s strategy for managing partnerships with global technology companies, she leads a World Bank innovation challenge to develop a social insurance platform for informal sector workers in West Africa. Previously, she developed political education materials, research campaigns, and community organizing efforts at a grassroots activist movement in South Africa. Nika is a doctoral candidate at Oxford University’s Department of International Development. She holds a MA in African Studies as well as a BA in International Relations from Stanford University.


Design & Implementation Partner

The Fund for Guaranteed Income (F4GI) is a 501c3 that addresses the root causes of inequality by delivering guaranteed income (GI) – direct, recurring cash transfers – and resources to low-income communities. F4GI supports the technical and social infrastructure of a more equitable social contract by advancing the evidence base around accessible welfare and economic systems, developing the tools which can deliver them, and organizing political coalitions that will demand them. F4GI will be issuing applications, enrolling participants, disbursing cash payments


Implementation Partner

City of Long Beach: Economic Development Department will lead the LGBI program and oversee all activity with LBGI partners. ED manages a diverse array of programs to support economic recovery, including $12 million in direct relief grants to local businesses and nonprofits. Other LBGI-partnering City departments include the City Manager’s Office, Office of Equity, the Health Department’s Community Health Bureau, Economic Development’s Workforce Development Bureau (Pacific Gateway), and the Long Beach Housing Authority.


Implementation Partner

Ascend at the Aspen Institute is a catalyst and convener for diverse leaders working across systems and sectors to build family well-being by intentionally focusing on children and the adults in their lives together. Since 2010, Ascend has been reimagining leadership to create a society where every family passes a legacy of prosperity and well-being from one generation to the next – a movement now reaching 10 million families.